Welcome to Sunday Morning! When I was growing up, one of the pleasures of Sunday was reading the comics section of the newspaper. In my house, we called it "The Funny Pages."   ("Are you done with the Funny Pages yet?" or "Pass the Funny Pages--you're hogging them!")

This week marks the first installment of a new weekly feature called "The Funny Pages" at Hamptons Art Hub.

Expect comics, narrative illustrations, graphic novel excerpts, manga, social satire, and the occasional "Tales from the Art World" - strange anecdotes, weird happenings or unusual wishes from art world insiders. Like the following wish:

Women with pocketbooks shouldn't be allowed near sculpture. They can knock the art from its pedestal with their bag. And then what? Are they going to buy it because they knocked it over? -Bridgehampton, NY.

I hope you will enjoy "The Funny Pages" as much as I do. (Getting sneak peeks of what's coming is a serious perk for me!)

-Pat Rogers


If you have a story to share or would like your work considered for "The Funny Pages," send an email to: [email protected].

Please write "The Funny Pages" in the Subject Line.


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    • Thanks for the suggestion! Justin’s set to publish in The Funny Pages on Sunday, Aug 6. We’ll get a preview of a few pages of his upcoming fourth comic book.

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