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This weekend welcomes the first of a trio of art fairs which spikes the quick pace of the Hamptons art scene. Welcome to July! Worth noting is this weekend is Powerplay--a one day art event held on Saturday from noon to dusk.  The outdoor sculpture show unveiling the same day remains on view through Aug 24.

Here's this week's Three To See exhibition pics:

  • Ed Moses at Mark Borghi Fine Art & ArtHamptons
  • Bosco Sodi at Tripoli Gallery of Contemporary Art
  • Ben Fenske at Grenning Gallery


ED MOSES - "Notions" at Mark Borghi Fine Art and ArtHamptons

Ed Moses is an abstract painter whose career is over five decades deep. Based in Los Angeles, Moses was part of the original group of artists from the Ferus Gallery in 1957.  His art has been the subject of two major retrospectives and is held in multiple museum collections.

Moses's art ranges from "...compositions featuring repeated patterns, to large fields of flowing color or to hard-edged geometric forms. For him, color is not used to describe objects, but rather to establish pure aesthetic experience," according to Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery.

Moses begins his work without a preconceived image or idea, he says. "...I believe in mutation, and every painting I make comes out of the painting that preceded it," he states in an exhibition release. "What I want to do is hang out with the materials until something appears that I had nothing to do with."

"Ed Moses: Notions” has an artist reception on Fri (tonight) from 6 to 9 p.m. at Mark Borghi Fine Art in Bridgehampton. RSVP is requested: 631-537-7245. The gallery is also exhibiting Moses's art at ArtHamptons. Moses receives ArtHampton’s Lifetime Achievement Award on Sat at 1 p.m. at the art fair. Mark Borghi Fine Art is located at 2426 Main St, Bridgehampton, NY. www.borghi.org.


"Cat-Wic" by Ed Moses, 2008. Acrylic on Canvas, 84 x 60 inches. Courtesy Mark Borghi Fine Art.

"Autumn-Blu" by Ed Moses, 2010. Acrylic on canvas, 66 x 54 inches. Courtesy Mark Borghi Fine Art.



Sodi is known for works that use a unique technique to create works that conjure "monochromatic primordial landscapes," according to Tripoli Gallery. To make his art, he uses a unique methodology that builds up pure pigment, sawdust, wood pulp, natural fibers, water, and glue to create encrusted and textured surfaces when dried.

 "Bosco Sodi: ZnO" includes the unveiling of a large-scale sculpture that demonstrates Sodi's penchant for pure color and use of organic materials. The works on view are made from volcanic rocks and glazed with layers of color.
The exhibition coincides with Sodi's first traveling museum exhibition. The current show is being held at Museo de San Ildefonso, Mexico City through July 15. It then travels to the Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños, Mexico, followed by an exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Ponce, Puerto Rico.
An opening reception is being held at Tripoli Gallery on Sat from 4 to 6 p.m. The show runs through Aug 12. It is presented in conjunction with Pace Gallery. Tripoli Gallery of Contemporary Art is located at 30 Jobs Lane, Southampton, NY. http://tripoligallery.com

"Untitled (Red/Orange)" by Bosco Sodi, 2012. Ceramic glaze over volcanic rock, 27 9/16 x 33 7/16 x 17 11/16 inches (Approximately).

"Untitled" by Bosco Sodi, 2012. Mixed media on canvas, 73 1/4 x 73 1/4 inches. No. 55226.



Fenske has been referred to as "an unstoppable train" in the world of painters by Allison Malafronte in "12 Artists To Watch" for American Artists Magazine (December 2011).

Fenske channels unrestrained emotions  into his art to make paintings that channel the traditional but remain contemporary. In the new show that opens on Saturday, Fenske's paintings demonstrate his characteristic brash brushstrokes. These new works are richer and more colorful than in the past, according to the gallery. Art includes landscapes, still life and figurative art.

Fenske continues to be inspired by the world that he inhabits, according to gallery owner Laura Grenning. "From an abstract lavender hued "Spring Still Life" to the elegantly reflective "Open Window," Fenske's paintings continue to mesmerize us," she said.

“Ben Fenske” has an opening reception on Sat from 6 to 8 p.m. The show runs through Jul 29. The gallery is located at 17 Washington St, Sag Harbor, NY. www.grenninggallery.com.


"Open Window" by Ben Fenske, 2012. Oil, 32 x 25 inches.

"Sleeping" by Ben Fenske, 2012. Oil. 22 x 26 inches.


"Orange and Blue Still Life" by Ben Fenske, 2012. 23.6 x 35.5 inches.


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