DISPATCH - JULY 13, 2012 (9:45 p.m.)


The Hayground School will become an art wonderland when Powerplay alights on the grounds and takes over the campus tomorrow. Powerplay promises to be a whirling dervish of artistic activity.

There will be participatory art installations, temporary galleries filled with edgy art, yoga, a graffiti crew making art, a panel discussion, performances, poetry, and the unveiling of an outdoor sculpture park that remains on view through Aug 24, 2012.

Powerplay opens tomorrow at noon and continues through dusk. An event schedule is available online. The event is set on 13-acres of the Hayground School. Admission is free.

"It's a 'Make Your Own' art experience," said event co-organizer Molly Weiss. "There are plenty of things going on and people can choose their own art experience."

The point of the art explosion is to create energy and a space where the dynamics of power and how success is defined can be explored, said co-organizer Laura O'Reilly of The City Firm. The event also explores dualities: energy made by humans or nature and having a community-perspective versus an ethnocentric one.

The art event is also geared to shake things up in the Hamptons. Powerplay was planned to coincide with the arrival of the art fairs and to provide an alternative experience, said Weiss.

"How do you define success?" Weiss queried. "Is it through financial success, being part of the commercial art world or being able to be surrounded by nature? What are the possibilities and how do you arrive at what determines success?"

The grounds for self-examination are being laid, in part, by the art selected and the installation choices, said the two women. Contributing artists are based in New York City, Woodstock and the Hamptons. A variety of art and perspectives will be presented during the one-day event. Afterwards, sculptures will remain through Aug 24.

Area artists include Grant Heffner, Michael Chiarello, Gloria Kisch, Dennis Leri and Matisse Patterson. Performers from the area include Maria Pessino, Andrina Smith and Dan Bailey.

The full-line features works by 28 sculptors and installations by 16 artists. They include Lance De Los Reyes, NewVillager, SHOWPAPER Newsboxes, Mint & Serf, Matt Stone, Walker Fee, The Push Pops, Prayer Town, Velvetten and others.

Temporary installations will be found indoors and outdoors. The works include a hair installation by Roxie Darling, a "Wearable Art Dive" by Beth Fiore taking place at the Hayground School pool, "SandBox 1: Sun Tanning Performance" by Velveteen & Guillermo Riveros; a sculpture, sound and performance by Push Pops & Prayer Town and an installation and performance by NewVillager.

Video installation, live tape art, video projections and participatory performances are also on the line-up.

Here's a quick look at some of the art and installations that will arrive for site-specific installation at Powerplay:


"Where There Was Nothing Now There is Something" by Jason Peters.


"Tri-Color Diptych Gradient Wedge" by Eric Cahan.


"Inverts" by Peter Sutherland.


"Showpaper box" by Faust.


"Xithform" by Matt Stone. Repurposed construction fencing.


Maria Pessino will perform six traditional Cuban Boleros (songs of love) at Powerplay.


BASIC FACTS: Powerplay: A Sculpture Park has its blow-out opening event on Sat from noon to 8 p.m. Maps detailing the art locations and an event line-up can be found at http://powerplayit.com/home/

The event is being held at The Hayground School, 151 Mitchel Lane, Bridgehampton, NY.  Admission is free.


Powerplay organizers Molly Weiss and Laura O'Reilly stand in a field they have filled with art for Powerplay.



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