The following is sponsored by Richard J. Demato Fine Arts Gallery.

Description: SOLO show for Dan VanLandingham
Dates of Show: 6/21/12--7/21/12
Price: $4000---$20,000
Hours: 11--6 Daily, Friday and Saturday, 11--9PM
Name of Gallery: Richard J. Demato Fine Arts Gallery
Address: 90 Main St.
Phone: 631-725-1161

This will be a one floor SOLO show for Dan VanLandingham, who works with Acrylic and mixed media on Canvas. Dan is a classically trained landscape artist, from SCAD, and lives on Martha's Vineyard. His neighbor, Carly Simon, was his first customer.

Dan chooses to introduce geometric acrylic collage elements onto the surface of his canvas's, to provide his unique vision and provide the viewer to see one's own reality without traditional limitation and as alternative possibilities within a given time and space.

Dan describes his creating and cutting acrylic shapes made upon a glass surface, and applying them to his canvas, as being analogous to the way landscapes and spaces are built and refers to them as, his "LANDSCRAPES."

On the main floor we will include artists Kevin Sloan (Acrylic on canvas), Andrea Kowch (Acrylic on canvas), Zachary Thornton (Oil on Canvas), and Jeff Aeling (Oil on Panel).


"Private Property" by Dan VanLandingham. Acrylic and acrylic collage on canvas. Photo by Gary Mamay


""WASHOUT" by Dan VanLandingham. Acrylic and acrylic collage on canvas, 72 x 96 inches. Photo by Gary Mamay


"Ground Controlled" by Dan Vanlandingham. Acrylic and acrylic collage on canvas, 60 x 60 inches. Photo by Gary Mamay.


"Clear For Landing" by Dan VanLandingham. Acrylic on canvas, 46 x 50 inches. Photo by Gary Mamay.


"POOL" by Zachary Thornton. Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches.


"Losing Eden" by Andrea Kowch. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 20 inches.



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