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Looking for art this weekend? Galleries aren't the only place that you'll find curated exhibitions.

Curator-Artist Panel Discussion at LongHouse Reserve  

Curator Bonnie Rychlak of “Diversities of Sculpture/Derivations From Nature” will lead a panel discussion with four of the exhibiting artists on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Discussing their creative and working methodology are Brian Gaman, Jene Highstein, Judith Shea, and Daniel Wiener. The artists represent a range of sensibilities. Bantering about their differing artistic attractions as a group and within themselves makes up the heart of the discussion.

Tickets are $30 and $20 for members. In case of rain, the discussion takes place inside. LongHouse is located at 133 Hands Creek Road, East Hampton, NY.


"Idol" by Judith Shea.


"The X" by Ronald Bladen, 1965. Edition 2/3. Painted aluminum, 7 1/4 x 8 x 4 3/4 feet. Courtesy Ronald Bladen and Loretta Howard Gallery. Image supplied by LongHouse Reserve.


"Strong-Cuevas: Premonitions in Retrospect"

Two solo shows of works by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas opened quietly on May 28  at Guild Hall's Roy and Frieda Furman Sculpture Garden and the Wasserstein Family Gallery. An Artist Reception takes place on Friday, July 13 from 5 to 7 p.m. The gap between installation and opening leaves plenty of time to see the show before meeting the artist.

There are five sculptures in the outdoor garden and 10 drawings inside the gallery, according to Guild Hall. Strong-Cuevas's work combines classic forms with strong influences from African art. Strong and equal presences of negative and positive space are integral to her art.

Strong-Cuevas is also exhibiting sculpture as part of the group show "Visual Vernacular" at the Southampton Cultural Center's gallery. The show remains on view through Jul 11. It is curated by Arlene Bujese.

Here are two sculptures that are part of Guild Hall's outdoor exhibition:


"Mind's Eye" by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas, 2010. Fabricated stainless steel with bronze eye, 98 x 47 x 17 inches.


"Great Wall" by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas, 1999. Fabricated stainless steel, 24 x 18 1/2 x 10 inches.


"Chris Murray’s Paintings of New York"  

A solo show of paintings by Chris Murray opened quietly at the Southampton Historical Museums and Research Center in May. The works on view depict historic buildings in Southampton. An opening will take place on Saturday, Jun 16  from 4 to 6 p.m.

Murray's paintings feel like a mix of folk art and nativity. They have a fluid and free quality yet they are carefully calculated, according an exhibition release. Murray is autistic. He channels a tendency for intense focus into architectural details, according the museum. In an excerpt cited by a 2002 review in The New York Times by Ken Johnson wrote:

"...Murray, who is autistic, personalizes architecture as he obsessively draws buildings window by window. His patience in working the geometric elements is interestingly contrasted by the quick brushwork of the clouds, trees, and people.

Murray rolls and folds his sometimes quite large pieces ( 4 x 6 feet) to fit into his backpack for transportation and storage. This working process with numerous re-workings gives the wrinkled paper an almost sculptural presence..."

Murray has been making paintings of New York City buildings for the last 20 years, according to the Southampton Historical Museums and Research Center. He uses photographs as reference. Murray makes his art using collaged paper, acrylic paint, a pencil and a ruler as creative tools to follow his muse.

The show remains on view through Aug 11. Here are a few of Murray's paintings:


"Southampton Beach Club" by Chris Murray. Photo: KS Art.


"Southampton Movie Theatre" by Chris Murray. Photo: KS Art.


"Rogers Mansion" by Chris Murray. Photo: KS Art.


BASIC FACTS: “Diversities of Sculpture/Derivations From Nature” remains on view through Oct 6 at LongHouse Reserve, 133 Hands Creek Road, East Hampton, NY.  http://longhouse.org

"Strong-Cuevas: Premonitions in Retrospect" remains on view through Sept 3 at Guild Hall's Roy and Frieda Furman Sculpture Garden, 158 Main St, East Hampton, NY. http://www.guildhall.org/

Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas is part of the group show “Visual Vernacular” on view through Jul 1 at the SOUTHAMPTON CULTURAL CENTER’S Levitas Center for the Arts at 25 Pond Lane, Southampton, NY. Exhibiting artists are Stephanie Brody-Lederman, John Haubrich, Gerson Leiber and Strong-Cuevas. www.southamptonculturalcenter.org

"Chris Murray’s Paintings of Southampton, NY" remains on view through Aug 11 at the Rogers Mansion at the Southampton Historical Museums and Research Center, 17 Meeting House Lane, Southampton, NY. www.southamptonhistoricalmuseum.org


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