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East End Photographers Group (EEPG) launches a nine-day member exhibition this weekend at Ashawagh Hall. The EEPG annual "Spring Exhibition" will open on Sat from 5 to 9 p.m. Live music begins at 5:30 p.m. by The Blue Collar Band.

Photography on view will include traditional film, digital and alternative photographic processes. The exhibition remains on view through Jun 10. A closing reception will be held on June 10, 2012  from 3 to 5 p.m.

Exhibiting photographers include Virginia Aschmoneit, Ann Brandeis, Dennis Bontempo, Paul Dempsey, Rich Faron, Ray Germann, Janet Glazer, Gerry Giliberti, Pamela Greinke, Kathryn Odell-Hamilton, Greg Hollmann, Joel Lefkowitz, Sam Maggio, George Mallis, Andrea McCafferty, Ron Nicoletta, Harriet Rugg, Guy Pierno, Nina Schafer, Daniel Schoenheimer, Rosa Hanna Scott, Marilyn Stevenson, Clarence Simpson, Christina Stow, Jarret Stretch, Nick Tarr and Alan Weinschel.


"Window Dress" by Joel Lefkowitz.


The "Spring Show" is always a wild card, said EEPG acting director Gerry Giliberti. Members are encouraged to submit new work. Some exhibit new images from a continuing series. Others exhibit images that are new direction for the photographer.

Some members submit photography that represents their signature styles with a twist. Occasionally, a photographer will pull something from left field and shatter expectations about their work, Giliberti said.


"Untitled" by Rich Faron.


"In My Room" by Nick Tarr.


Seeing what other members are up can inspire photographers to continue making images, said Giliberti. When work and family demand clash with making art, sometimes cameras can get put away.

Receiving feedback from fellow photographers and onlookers can affirm work  or cement a direction that's underway, said Giliberti. Sometimes, creative sparks are ignited and new explorations begin after the show comes down.


"Purple Lotus" by Virginia Aschmoneit.


In recent years, new membership has become more selective. Photographers of all levels are welcome, but actively pursuing excellence and presenting quality images is important, said Giliberti.


"Classic Forms" by George Mallis.


Not every member exhibits in every show, Giliberti explained. Members join and can sometimes fade from the group when they're not making new work or are interested in showing. This year's show is a mix of new members, a few returning ones and the devoted core photographers.

Exhibiting for the first time are Dennis Bontempo, Paul Dempsey, Kathryn Odell-Hamilton, Greg Hollmann, Harriet Rugg and Nina Schafer. Returning after a hiatus is Clarence Simpson.


"Beach" by Dennis Bontempo.


EEPG presents three member shows each year. The "Spring Show" is their longest. It stretches for nine days instead of a weekend.

"This is our biggest show every year," Giliberti said. "Having a longer show gives photographers the opportunity to have time to see the show...It's a chance for the work to be seen and maybe something else will happen too, like a gallery show, or meeting people who you want to show with outside of the group. It's all positive."


"Sea Plane" by Gerry Giliberti.


BASIC FACTS: East End Photography Group's "Spring Exhibition" will be held from June 2 to June 10, 2012 at Ashawagh Hall, 780 Springs-Fireplace Road, Springs, NY.

This is the 24th year the community-based photography group is exhibiting. The group presents member exhibitions in the spring, summer and fall. Photographs are typically installed by Marilyn Stevenson.

The "Summer Exhibition" will be held at The Water Mill Museum from Aug 7 to 27, 2012. The "Fall Exhibition" will be held from Sept 29 to Oct 3, 2012 at 4 North Main Gallery in Southampton. The opening was planned to coincide with the Southampton Village Fall festival.

East End Photographers Group: www.ggiliberti.com/eastendphotogroup


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