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The artist collective EMERGE.LI is spreading out and searching for artists. The Greenport-Hamptons art group held its first exhibition last winter at a Greenport gallery. Now, they've issued an open call for Long Island artists for two events slated for this summer.

The first event is "The Slide Slam" to be held on Sunday, Jun 17 at 2 p.m. at the Islip Art Museum. "The Slide Slam" is a collaboration between the museum and EMERGE.LI. The museum approached the group with the concept and EMERGE.LI readily agreed to partner up to create the unique event.

"The Slide Slam" is part Speed Dating and part projected portfolio review. Artists have five minutes to present their art to a panel of Long Island art world movers and shakers.

Considering the art will be curators, museum and gallery directors and an arts writer (Yes, I'm the arts writer). Organizations represented are the Islip Art Museum, the Patchogue Arts Biennial, Briarcliffe College Gallery, the Patchogue Arts Council, the Islip Arts Council, FRESH Long Island and Hamptons Art Hub. Also, "Hit The Lights."

"Hit The Lights" is a tag team event between the FRESH artists collective of Port Jefferson and the Islip Art Museum. If you're curious about the late-night art happening, the next "Hit The Lights" is being held on May 12 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Around 15 to 20 artists will be selected for "The Slide Slam" by the EMERGE.LI curatorial committee. From there, some five to ten artists will be selected the first EMERGE.LI Juried Exhibition. The show takes place in July at the South Street Gallery in Greenport, NY. An opening is planned for the July 4th weekend--one of three prime weekends for the East End art season.

Jurors for the EMERGE.LI Juried Exhibition are Amy Worth, director of the South Street Gallery, and EMERGE.LI founding artist members. They are Bryan Landsberg, Ellen Wiener, Brian O'Leary, Kevin Teare, Steve Miller, Colin Goldberg, Matthew Salerno and Oliver Peterson. The co-founders of the group are Goldberg and Salerno.

To get in the running, artists are requested to provide five (5) jpegs of art to Emerge.LI. Mediums include painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, digital art, sculpture and installation. There's even a category for "other."

Suggested deadline for submission is June 1 ("The Slide Slam" takes place on Jun 17 so the sooner the submission, the better). Details can be found here: http://emerge.li/submission/

EMERGE.LI is rolling out the welcome mat for Long Island artists because that's what they do. The artist collective formed last winter with the idea that there's plenty of cutting edge and quality art being made on Long Island. The second idea was that enough of it wasn't being seen on Long Island.

Over some coffee and pastry in Greenport one afternoon, the group started to solidify their direction. They wanted to connect like-minded artists and make sure areas across Long Island have the chance to see art they might not ordinarily see outside of New York City (Feel free to go to NYC, of course. Most of the EMERGE.LI founding artists exhibit in NYC and elsewhere).

Ultimately, EMERGE.LI is about sharing the artistic wealth and presenting art that's atypical for the community. They're starting by holding exhibitions on the East End but all of Long Island (and beyond) is a possibility, several members said.

The artist open call is the first exploration in discovering the range of art being made on Long Island. So far, there have been plenty of compelling submissions, said Goldberg. "The Slide Slam" (and the Juried Art Exhibition opening) are open to all. The hope is that plenty of new connections will be made and interesting art will be revealed, said Goldberg.

The mission of EMERGE.LI is to encourage "...the exchange of ideas between emerging artists and those that are more established in their careers, and through the organization of exhibitions, meet & greets, and other event, take a detour from the norm."

EMERGE.LI founding members gather in Greenport. From top left are Bryan Landsberg, Ellen Wiener, Brian O'Leary, Kevin Teare, Steve Miller, Colin Goldberg and Matthew Salerno. (Not shown is Oliver Peterson.)

BASIC FACTS: EMERGE.LI has issued an open call for artists for "The Slide Slam" at the Islip Art Museum and their first annual EMERGE.LI Juried Art Show being held at the South Street Gallery. Artists living and working on Long Island are encouraged to apply. There is no fee to do so. For details on the Open Call and EMERGE.LI, visit http://emerge.li/

"The Slide Slam" is a new series spearheaded by the Islip Art Museum. Each installment has the museum partnering with an artist group who gathers candidates to present their work.

ISLIP ART MUSEUM is located at 50 Irish Lane, East Islip, NY. For details and for an exhibition schedule, visit http://islipartmuseum.org/.

EMERGE.LI members will exhibit their art in a separate gallery at the South Street Gallery coinciding with its annual Juried Show. The group exhibited for the first time together in Dec 2011 at the Terrance Joyce Gallery in Greenport. Examples of each of their art can be found on the website.

INSIDER TIP: Additional artist submissions may be considered for the EMERGE.LI juried show even after "The Slide Slam" has come and gone, said EMERGE.LI co-founder and artist Colin Goldberg. However, it's not recommended to wait to submit art for consideration, he said.


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  1. Hi, I am interested in participating on the 17th but was unable to access the submission page…….could I stop by on sunday?

    • Hi Michael-
      Feel free to swing by the Islip Art Museum for the Slide Slam on Sunday and check out the art. Submissions are closed for the event as the artists have been selected.

  2. To whom it may concern, 

     I am the director of the New Sayville Summer Festival, August 3rd, 2013. We are looking for artists that would like to show their art on Main Street during our summer festival. Please contact me for more information and to discuss an opportunity for your member artists to showcase and sell their art. 

    Thank You!

    Director, Sayville Chamber of Commerce
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