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There's much to see at LongHouse Reserve this weekend. The museum, sculpture park and sprawling gardens open its 21st season with the annual "Rites of Spring Season Opening" on Sat (Apr 28) from 2 to 7 p.m. The celebratory event allows visitors to wander among clutches of vivid yellow daffodils, manicured grounds, and their extensive outdoor sculpture collection.

Newly installed for this year is "Study for the Sun" by Isamu Noguchi and "Endless Drip" by Roy Lichtenstein. The artworks join 60 or so contemporary sculptures installed throughout the 16-acre site.

In addition, two exhibitions will be unveiled. "Diversities of Sculpture/Derivations from Nature" presents works by six artists who "...demonstrate historical traces of minimalism, conceptual, and feminist art trajectories," according to LongHouse Reserve. The show was curated by Bonnie Rychlak. Rychlak is an artist, a former curator for the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum and the Isamu Noguchi Foundation, Inc., and an independent curator. She's also a visiting assistant professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

"Diversities of Sculpture/Derivations from Nature" is not a themed show. Instead, artworks were chosen to compliment or challenge their new natural surroundings, according to LongHouse. None of the exhibited artworks have ever been installed outside before.

Exhibiting artists are Ronald Bladen (1918-1988), Anne Chu, Brian Gaman, Jene Highstein, Judith Shea and Daniel Wiener.

"Checklist" by Daniel Wiener.

"Idol" by Judith Shea.

"Accumulations: NOW" is the exhibition that is pushing LongHouse Reserve into an "official" major craft exhibitor, according to LongHouse Reserve founder Jack Lenor Larsen. The exhibition features 500 works made in the last 100 years, according to LongHouse. The exhibition includes significant pieces from the collection of Dena Katzenberg (1922-2000), who was a textile museum curator and consulting curator for the Baltimore Museum of Art. One of Katzenberg's claims to fame was bringing to prominence the Baltimore Album Quilt coverlets. They became the subject of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Artists in “Accumulations: NOW" include Anni Albers (fiber), Chunghi Choo (goldsmith) and clay artists Jun-ichi Arai, Chunghie Lee, Hans Copper, Ann Hirondelle, and Mark Leuthold. Master furniture designers included are John Houshmand, Judy Kensley McKie, and Edward Wormley.

"Totem" by Shin Sang-Ho. Included in the "Accumulations: NOW" exhibition.

The artworks unveiled this weekend remains on view until LongHouse closes in the fall.

BASIC FACTS: "Rites of Spring Season Opening" takes place on Sat (Apr 28) from 2 to 7 p.m. at LongHouse Reserve, 133 Hands Creek Road, East Hampton, NY. http://www.longhouse.org.


June 9 – Panel discussion with “Diversities of Sculpture/Derivations from Nature” exhibiting artists and curator Bonnie Rychlak.

June 11 – The LongHouse Student Annual V.

June 23 – “Planters: ON & OFF The Ground V” opening and award presenting. Begins at 4:30 p.m. Awards are bestowed at 6:30 p.m. Judges are artist April Gornik, architect Fred Stelle and Ina Garten, of Barefoot Contessa fame (author, Food Network television host).

Aug 3 – Second Exhibition of “Accumulations: NOW.” Also, Installation preview of “Chinese Contemporary Warriors” by Yue Minjun, 2005.


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