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Andrea Kowch won a top spot during a global artist search sponsored by SCOPE New York. The painter who combines Goth with an Old Masters style was selected as one of the top 100 emerging artists in the world by SCOPE NY last weekend.

Kowch's paintings depict scenes that might have been staged if Alfred Hitchcock and Andrew Wyeth had ever collaborated. Kowch's paintings are distinctly her own--powerful, moody, narrative and heavy with symbolism.


"Sojourn" by Andrea Kowch. Photo: Gary Mamay.


The works leap from sweeping and empty landscapes found in rural Middle America. People gather or appear solo on canvas for unknown reasons. Together, the place, people and animals (often crows) form allegories tying the human experience with the unpredictability of the natural world.

"The lonely, desolate American landscape encompassing the paintings' subjects serves as an exploration of nature's sacredness and a reflection of the human soul, symbolizing all things powerful, fragile and eternal," Kowch writes in her Artist Statement.


"The Feast" by Andrea Kowch. Photo: Gary Mamay.


Collector John Hooker described Kowch's work this way. "Her paintings are a window to my dreams. They give me an excuse to escape. A moment to contemplate. The expression of her subjects reminds me of the Mona Lisa smile: enigmatic and unfathomable. The rich browns and yellow hues of her countrysides draw me in to a world of mystery, of supernatural beings, and the unknown. Although she may inspire fear, she reassures with her warm and natural colors. I find the tension between the two, captivating."

Like Andrew Wyeth, Kowch's paintings depict rural surroundings drawn from the area where she lives. Paintings are inspired by Midwestern American landscapes of Kowch's home state of Michigan.


"Whirlwind" by Andrea Kowch. Photo: Gary Mamay.


Sag Harbor gallerist Richard Demato discovered Kowch's work in 2009 after her art was published in "Spectrum #16: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art." His gallery, Richard J. Demato Fine Art Gallery, has been representing her ever since. Two solo shows both sold out, said Demato.

"Her art is so compelling, it crosses over any collectors' limitations or boundaries," he said. "Clients have found a need to own her work, and thus have now redefined themselves as true collectors of her art. The work has so much portrayed emotion, that it was brought many collectors, including me, to tears."


"Crows" by Andrea Kowch.


. "The Pheasant Keeper" by Andrea Kowch. Photo: Gary Mamay.


New art by Kowch will be unveiled in The Hamptons in July 2012. A new (and darker) series of work will premiere at Richard J. Demato Fine Art Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY and at ArtHamptons and artMRKT in Bridgehampton, NY. The gallery expects to hold an opening for Kowch's solo show on July 14 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Kowch's art is expected to be exhibited during the Miami art fairs in December 2012.


"Rural Sisters" by Andrea Kowch. This painting, and the one below, have not been exhibited yet. They will be unveiled at ArtHamptons in July 2012. Photo: Gary Mamay.


BASIC FACTS: Andrea Kowch was recognized as one of the top 100 emerging artists in the world by SCOPE New York. Every year, the SCOPE Foundation honors emerging artists, galleries and independent curators through awards. One prior recipient was artist Matt Bua. He has exhibited at Art Sites gallery in Riverhead, NY. For select list of honorees, visit www.scope-art.com.

Richard J. Demato Fine Arts Gallery represents Andrea Kowch and submitted her work to the SCOPE competition. In 2011, they released a series of six images in framed limited editions. www.rjdgallery.com.

Andrea Kowch writes a blog providing insight into some her paintings. It can be seen here: http://andreakowch.com/

TIDBITS: "The Feast" was selected as Best in Show at the 2011 Art Kudos International Juried Exhibition.

"Sojourn" was published on the cover of the July 2011 publication (July #69) of American Art Collector. It's now part of the permanent collection of the Grand Rapids Art Museum.


"Rural Sisters" by Andrea Kowch. Photo: Gary Mamay.


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