DISPATCH - Mar 4, 2012 (2:15 p.m.)

Oakdale, NY

A recent visit to an outdoor sculpture exhibition evoked a range of intriguing responses to the concise installation. "Sites for Sculpture" at Dowling College in Oakdale presents a single work by six sculptures installed in a single location. The art was selected by Guild Hall chief curator Christina Mossaides Strassfield and Pam Brown, director of The Anthony Giordano Gallery at the college.

Exhibiting artists are Breon Dunigan, Dorothy Frankel, Elaine Grove, Gloria Kisch, Wendy Klemperer and Arden Scott. Four of the six artists are from the East End (Frankel, Grove, Kisch and Scott).

The artists selected for the show demonstrate a range of contemporary sculpture but not the full scope of work being made in the genre, according to Strassfield.

"When examining the group of sculpture assembled here, one is struck by their dissimilarity, but what does unite the group is the seemingly limitless exploration of ideas, materials, and methods of working," Strassfield wrote in an exhibition statement. "The quality of the work in this exhibition is of the highest caliber, with innovation and skill expertly combined."

The sculptures struck me as whimsical, stately, elegant or intriguing. Having all the works installed within strolling distance gave me the chance to revisit the art easily while still responding to the exhibition as a whole.


"Roaming Elk" by Wendy Klemperer, 2004. Steel.

"Infinite Pacifics" by Arden Scott, 2004. Bronze, lead and stones.

"Hearing Trumpet", "Guardian" and "Torison" by Breon Dunigan, 2003. Bronze.

"Ezekiel's Wheel" by Elaine Grove, 1991. Steel.

"Flower Portals" by Gloria Kisch, 2009. Stainless steel and bronze.

"L.O.V.E." by Dorothy Frankel, 2003. Bronze.


BASIC FACTS: "Sites for Sculpture" remains on view through July 2012. The exhibition was  installed in July 2011 and unveiled on Oct 15, 2011 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and artist talk.

The show is open to the public. Admission is free. The show is located at Dowling College, 96 Biltmore Avenue, Oakdale between Fortunoff Hall and the Racanelli Center. www.Dowling.edu

Breon Dunigan: www.artstrand.com

Dorothy Frankel: www.dorothyfrankel.com

Gloria Kisch: www.gloriakisch.com

Wendy Klemperer: www.wendyklemperer.com

Arden Scott: www.ardenscott.com


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