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Every once in a while, it becomes easy to see a survey of contemporary street art. The chance to view a variety of New York City street art is now possible at a gallery on the Lower East Side.

On Saturday (Jan 7, 2012), "Rather Unique" opens at the Woodward Gallery. A reception is being held from 6 to 8 p.m. On view are works by 20 street or graffiti artists who have been consistently striving to get their public art noticed and recognized, according to a press release.

Exhibiting artists were chosen as standouts in the street art or graffiti genres, according to the Woodward Gallery. Each artist is "commonly driven to share art with their peers without constraints," according to a press release. Artists were selected and the show curated by Harlem street artist Royce Bannon.

One of the artists selected for "Rather Unique" goes by the name infinity. I've been following infinity's work for several years after seeing art on canvas exhibited in the Hamptons. infinity combines science, philosophy and connectivity in his layered art. Human links and ties between mankind and nature are part of the work. Ancient symbols from various cultures add spirituality to the colorful and complex compositions.

infinity makes art solo and in tandem with other street artists. Here's some of the work included in "Rather Unique":


"The Boiling Beaker" by infinity and Royce B

"Personality" by infinity

"Spores" by infinity

"Singularities" by infinity

"RRRedemption" by infinity


"Rather Unique" is the Woodward Gallery's way of acknowledging "these most contemporary of artists and their contribution to the new world of art," according to the exhibition information.

Exhibiting artists are Cassius Fowler, Celso, Chris RWK, Cope2, Darkcloud, H.veng.Smith, Indie184, infinity, KA, Keely, Kenji Nakayama, Kosbe, Matt Siren, Moody, Nose Go, Royce B, Russell King, UR New York, Veng and Wrona.

For an exhibition preview: www.12ozprophet.com/index.php/news/preview-rather-unique-woodward-gallery

BASIC FACTS: "Rather Unique" is on view from Jan 7 to Feb 19, 2012 at the Woodward Gallery, 133 Eldridge Street, First Floor, New York, NY. www.woodwardgallery.net/


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