DISPATCH – November 19, 2011 (Saturday; 1:30 p.m.)

Greenport, NY

This is it--the last Greenport Gallery Walk of 2011 takes place this evening (Nov 18) from 6 to 9 p.m. As Greenport's art season winds down, it seems apropos to provide a glimpse of what gallery walkers can expect. But don't worry: art in Greenport doesn't disappear after today. Exhibitions typically remain on view for a few weeks. More art will follow in their wake. Gallery Walks are expected to resume in June 2012.

"Swing" by Sibylle-Maria Pfaffenbichler. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches.

Greenport Gallery Walks offer a swirl of art openings, art demonstrations and other festivities, said Amy Worth of South Street Gallery. They began five years ago as a way for Greenport to present a concentrated flurry of art activity and link galleries together, Worth said.

Participating galleries stay open late and provide one more excuse for people to walk around the waterside village, said Terrance Joyce of Terrence Joyce's Dockside Gallery. The Gallery Walk is a great way to link art lovers with Greenport and provide a fun evening, he said.

Art on view includes paintings, blown glass, ceramics, contemporary crafts, sculpture and wearable art. There is plenty of art made by North Fork artists. Galleries also exhibit works made by artists living in the Hamptons and those further afield.

"We have a lot of different types of art in Greenport," said Worth. "The Gallery Walks allow people to see what they're interested in while walking around Greenport."

Here's a few of the exhibitions in this evening's Gallery Walk:

South Street Gallery & Framers is presenting the solo show, "Sibylle-Maria Pfaffenbichler: Joy of Music and Dance." The art is a mix of dancers from Harlem's Renaissance and couples grooving to music that moves them. Images are based on dancing to Boogie Woogie, tango, blues and jazz. Even Mozart and Beethoven join Thelonious Monk as part of Pfaffenbichler's mix.

Painting by Sibylle-Maria Pfaffenbichler. Courtesy of the artist.

Lately, Pfaffenbichler's been making drawings on long scrolls featuring a nude dancer in motion, moving slowly across a room and only stopping when her dance is done, Pfaffenbichler said. The modern dancer moves in a "downward motion" after Japanese dances, said Pfaffenbichler, creating an unusual visual tapestry. Most "western dances" move upward, she said.

Pfaffenbichler discovered the dancer-artist model after moving to Philadelphia, PA. Before relocating, Pfaffenbichler was a longtime Southampton resident.

The scrolls are 1 foot wide and vary in length from 7 to 70 feet or longer. The South Street Gallery show includes a scroll that's 45 feet long. As in Pfaffenbichler's other dance-inspired paintings, the aesthetic encompasses more than people moving to implied music.

"Actually, it is more than just dance," Pfaffenbichler said, "It also is about the beauty of the female body in motion."

Drawing on scroll by Sibylle-Maria Pfaffenbichler. Courtesy of the artist.

Sybille-Maria Pfaffenbichler among one of her scroll drawings. Courtesy of the artist.

"Sibylle-Maria Pfaffenbichler: Joy of Music and Dance" is presented from Nov 19 to Dec 31 at South Street Gallery, 18 South Street, Greenport. http://thesouthstreetgallery.com

Figurative works are also featured at Studio East Gallery. Oil paintings by New Jersey artist Veronique Crepy will be on view. She's exhibiting art from two series: "From Body to Fantasy" and "Des Notes au Corps, Accord." Crepy has lived and worked in Paris, Brussels, London and Barcelona. Her current art is "an expression of her quest for color, lines and sensuality," according to her website.  

"Furtif" by Veronique Crepy, 2009. Oil and mixed media on canvas, 36 by 24 inches. Courtesy Studio East Gallery.

Painting in Veronique Crepy's series, "From Body to Fantasy," 2009. Demi oil on canvas paper, 30 x 40 inches. Courtesy Studio East Gallery.

"Regarder sans Toucher," by Veronique Crepy, 2009. Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches.

In addition to Crepy's solo show, Studio East Gallery is exhibiting "Abstract & Sculpture Show." Works from gallery members and artists of various backgrounds are included. The gallery is located at 120 Front Street, Suite 9, Greenport. Both exhibitions remain on view through November. www.studioeastgallery.com.

Fantasy figurative, seascapes and Occupy Wall Street can all be found at Terrence Joyce's Dockside Gallery. The gallery primarily features paintings by Joyce--he's typically found in the back of the gallery, painting at his desktop easel. Here's a few works currently on display:

"Morning Prayer" by Terrence Joyce. Courtesy of the artist.

"New England" by Terrence Joyce. Courtesy of the artist.

For the Gallery Walk, Joyce is beginning a painting inspired by Occupy Wall Street having observed the protest in Lower Manhattan on three separate occasions. Impressed by the passion of people raising their voices and the visuals of the encampment, Joyce discreetly made sketches on site for use in larger works to be made later, he said.

Joyce was drawn to capture Occupy Wall Street because of the strength of a group raising their voices to express an alternate opinion. A former protester himself in the sixties, Joyce is aware of the unique energy that's created when people band together for a common cause.

"I'm not sure what they're all about politically, but I support their efforts to express what they believe in," Joyce said. "There haven't been people gathering together to protest something in America like this for decades."

Terrence Joyce's Dockside Gallery is located 114 Main Street, Greenport. www.terrencejoycegallery.com.

Nautical art is being celebrated with an opening at the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company. The exhibition, "Mysticete," presents carved wooden whales and sketches by Randy P. Kolhoff. The Sag Harbor artist is inspired by the sea and the history of whaling on the East End of Long Island. The carvings are made using rare and weathered woods, resulting in works that "resemble antique sculptures," according the gallery.

"Sperm Squid" by Randy Kolhoff. Carved wood. Courtesy Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.

The works have been on view since September to help celebrate Greenport's Martime Festival on Sept 24. After the weekend, Kolhoff's work can be viewed at Black Swan Antiques in Bridgehampton, which is owned by Kolhoff and his wife, Diana Kolhoff.

Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. is an artisanal beer company with a tasting room that doubles as an art gallery. They're located at 234 Carpenter Street, Greenport. http://harborbrewing.com.

Gallery Walkers can see another artist at work at the deCordova Studio & Gallery. Hector deCordova is holding a "Wet into Wet" demonstration at 6 p.m. today. Demonstrations will be held again on Nov 26 and Dec 3 at 3 p.m.

The art presentation coincides with a solo show by deCordova. Viewers can expect to see a range of styles on view. The show is unified under the theme of "the work he is most proud of...so far," according to the gallery. deCordova Studio & Gallery presents changing group shows throughout the year at 538 Main Street, Greenport. www.decordovagallery.com.

"Rise & Shine" by Hector deCordova. Acrylic. Courtesy of the artist.

"Needs" by Hector deCordova. Acrylic. Courtesy of the artist.

Gallery M is presenting a range of high-end contemporary crafts from artisans in the United States and Canada. Works are typically one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist. Mediums include glass, wood, ceramics, metal, fiber and more, according to the gallery website (http://www.gallerym.biz/). The gallery is owned by jewelry-designer Myra Eisenberg, who works in gold and silver.

Other galleries in the Greenport Gallery Walk are Springsteel Gallery (www.springsteelgallery.com); Winter Harbor Gallery & Frame Works (www.winterharborgallery.com); Greenport Art & Design (www.greenportartanddesign.com) and John Jude Glass Gallery (www.JohnJude.com).

BASIC FACTS: The final Greenport Gallery Walk of 2011 will be held Nov 19 from 6 to 9 p.m. There are 10 galleries participating. For a map and details, visit www.greenportgallerywalk.com.

The 2011 Greenport Gallery Walks were held the third Saturday of every month from June through November. This is the fifth year of Gallery Walks.

EXTRA FACT: Not every gallery in Greenport Village was able to time exhibition openings to coincide with gallery walks throughout the season. Opening tonight is "All A Twitter" at The Sirens' Song Gallery. A reception for the two-person show will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at 516 Main Street, Greenport. See the separate post, "The Secret Lives of Birds," on Hamptons Art Hub.


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