Photographer Michele Dragonetti is a native Long Islander whose recent work has been focused primarily on her Boat Hulls series, which began in the marinas of Montauk several years ago. She has since expanded it nationally and internationally, and has recently shown work from the series at the Art New York (2016) and Aqua Art Miami (2015) art fairs.  She actively uses social media channels to promote her work, and her Instagram account (@michele_dragonetti) has been hailed as one of the best Art Instagram accounts of the Hamptons.

"I find particular appeal in the contrast between the abstract patterns of the painted lines and the colors in my Boat Hulls series, and the overlying evidence of their weather and age, which together create a unique interplay of textures."  Regarding the series which is both very consistent yet remarkably varied, Dragonetti notes, "By focusing compositions on the triangular patterns of the hulls in a square format, I am able to highlight the essential geometry of the images.  With these images I transform often humble vessels into abstract portraits, celebrating their imperfect appeal."

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