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An artist group dedicated to figurative work unveils their art today in a weekend show at Ashawagh Hall, just outside of East Hampton, NY. "Body of Work VII" features art by 12 artists. The show includes paintings, drawing, photography, digital art and mixed media works. "Body of Work" artists banded together from a love of figurative art.

"Tattooed Woman" by Anthony Lombardo.

"For me, portraiture has never lost its ability to convey emotion, whether the subject is real, a composite of imaginary," said exhibiting artist Frederick Paxton Werner.

Long-time artist member Frank Sofo said, "I have a passion for the figure in all its variations, not just the nude figure. I love to capture the figure in natural situations, especially in private moments."

"Body of Work VII" is presenting a mix of work by long-time members and those new the group. Established Body members are Linda Capello, Rosalind Brenner, Michael Cardacino, Cynthia Loewen, Anthony Lombardo, Bob Markell, Frank Sofo and Margaret Weissbach.

First-time exhibitors are Janet Culbertson, Tina Folks, Douglas Reina and Frederick Paxton Werner.

The group started holding annual shows due to the shortage of galleries exhibiting figurative work. Nearly all are based in the Hamptons. Many of the artists met during life drawing sessions led or facilitated by Capello held at the Southampton Cultural Center or adjoining VFW Hall.

"Reclining Male" by Linda Capello.

The life drawing workshops have been held for over 20 years and are the oldest life drawing classes on the East End of Long Island, said Capello. Artists attending the classes or sessions aren't necessarily figurative artists. Those making landscape and abstract works may attend for enjoyment or to sharpen technical skills. Drawing from a live model fosters the ability to look critically at the surroundings, Capello said.

“Drawing from a model changes the way you look at things,” Capello said. “If you can draw from the body from life, you can draw anything.”

"Body of Work VII" will be held today and tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. An artist reception will be held tonight from 5 to 8 p.m.

Here's a preview of some of the art:


"Figure" by Cynthia Loewen.


"Girl at the Window" by Frederick Paxton Werner.


By Douglas Reina

"Flying High" by Margaret Weissbach


"Offerings to the goddess master" by Michael Cardacino


BASIC FACTS: "Body of Work VII" takes place March 17 and 18, 2012 at Ashawagh Hall, 778 Springs Fireplace Road, Springs, NY. http://ashawagh-hall.org


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