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Hamptons, NY and Miami, FL

The Miami art fairs are currently welcoming art lovers from around the world. The art is international and the parties plentiful, stirring excitement about the art fairs and events that keep the whirlwind whipping. Attendees shouldn't be surprised to discover Hamptons-based artists and galleries doing their part to create exhilaration about art.

"Red and Black" by Alexander Calder, 1966. Watercolor on paper, 29 x 42 inches. Courtesy Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc.

Hamptons galleries can be found at multiple art fairs. Look for Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc. and Spanierman Modern at Art Miami. Boltax Gallery is at Aqua Art Miami. Keyes Art Projects presents at SCOPE Miami.

Artwork by artists calling the Hamptons or the North Fork home is plentiful and represented by a multitude of galleries. Contemporary artists that are part of the fairs include Frank Wimberley, Steve Miller, Kevin Teare, Ned Smyth, Paton Miller, Kevin Berlin, Janet Culbertson, Colin Goldberg and more.

Historic artists like Andy Warhol, Willem deKooning, Ibram Lassaw, Betty Parsons and Charlotte Park also have art appearing.

Separate from the art fairs, works by Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger and Richard Prince can be found in the exhibition, "American Exuberance," at the Rubell Family Collection / Contemporary Arts Foundation in Miami.

Besides the art fairs, there are events where East Enders are the driving force. Artist Kevin Berlin helped preview SCOPE Miami yesterday with a beauty contest performance piece, "MISS FOREIGN EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL 2011" held at Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery booth. The piece included a live beauty pageant and new artworks by Berlin. See www.missforeignexchange.com for details.

Opening SCOPE Miami today is performance artist CHOKRA (Conscious Hoarding Of Kinetic Rage Associated). CHOKRA appeared at The Watermill Center last year. At SCOPE, he's presenting the new piece, "U+262A (Crescent and Star)."

"'U+262A (Crescent and Star)' ... implements a unicode command to activate a somatic operative of performance," according to SCOPE. "It encapsulates in a “Crescent and Star” meta-narrative the historical code, existential stance, socio-political condition, national construct and overlapping cultural histories of migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates."


CHOKRA performs "Al-Mtsaalh Haal (The Trucial Case)" at The Watermill Center on Dec 18, 2010.


Also tonight, Not a Gallery is hosting a FUN FACTORY DANCE PARTY held from 9 pm to 2 am at Cafeina Wynwood, 297 Northwest 23rd St, Miami, FL. The event is designed to unveil Not A Gallery's latest line of artworks, "Fun Factory." The artworks are "simultaneously a tribute to Warhol and a reflection on the current state of the art market," according to Not A Gallery. Reservations are required:  rsvp@notagallery.com.

Not a Gallery has held summer long exhibitions in pop-up spaces in Bridgehampton (2010) and Southampton (2011).

Other upcoming events with an East End connection including open studios and an exhibition-dance party as described below. In the meanwhile, here's a sampling of some of the art linking a piece of the Hamptons to the Florida frenzy:


"Untitled" by Richard Prince, 1995. Ektacolor print, 20 x 16 inches. Courtesy Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc.

"Origin of Cotton" by Jean Michel Baquiat, 1981. Oil stick on paper, 18 by 22 inches. Courtesy Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc.

"Star Burst 1" by Sylvia Hommert. Aqua leaf, beeswax, glitter, hologram paper and resin on birch panel, 30 x 30 inches. Courtesy Boltax Gallery.

"The Man Who Knew Too Much-Staircase" by John Abrams, 2011. Oil on wood panel, 24 x 36 inches. Courtesy Boltax Gallery.

"Last Meal of Charles Bass" by Jackie Black. Part of a series of photographs of last meals requested by Texas death row inmates. Courtesy Boltax Gallery.

"Drums" by Nova, 2002. Painted steel, 7 x 7 x 4 feet each. Courtesy Keyes Art Projects.

Digital c-print by Camille Perrottet. Courtesy Keyes Art Projects.

Photograph by Jill Peters from her series "Virgins of Albania." Courtesy Keyes Art Projects.

Art by Lalin. Recycled paper and matte medium, 12 x18 inches. Courtesy Keyes Art Projects.

"Fiesta" by Paton Miller, 2011. Oil on paper, 22 x 30 inches. Courtesy Keyes Art Projects.

"Everyone Is In Love With Paolo" by Kevin Berlin, 2011. Oil on canvas, 41 x 47 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Art by Janet Culbertson. Courtesy of the artist. Her work appears with Accola Griefen Gallery at Aqua Art Fair.

"Green Dream" by Colin Goldberg, 2005. Pigment print and acrylic on paper. Courtesy of the artist. His work appears with Yes! Gallery at Fountain Art Fair.


On Dec 3, Brooklyn-based artist Ben Blatt's art is in the thick of a launch event for Gallerist.com. The dance party and art show, "Flights of Fancy" will be held at B Bar, in The Betsy Hotel in South Beach, 1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, from 10 pm-2 am. "Flights of Fancy" features art by Blatt, Shay Kun, Annika Connor and Nicholas Papdakis.

Galerist.com is "an interactive digital art platform" founded by Hamptons artists and art enthusiasts Dogan Perese and Annika Connor, according to the event press release. The art event is sponsored by Ideas Productions and Gallerist.com.  For details, visit www.artslant.com/mia/events/show/191118-flights-of-fancy.

Blatt's artwork, "Tropic Tortuguero," is featured on the event invitation. Blatt's artwork was exhibited at Halsey McKay Gallery in East Hampton this summer. A solo show is planned at the gallery next year.


"Tropic Tortuguero" by Ben Blatt, detail. Courtesy of the artist.

"Tropic Tortuguero" by Ben Blatt. Courtesy of the artist.


If you're looking for a peek into Miami's year-round art scene, why not consider the Bakehouse Art Complex in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami? The exhibition, "Woman to Woman" features "ten of the most widely recognized women artists in Miami," according the exhibition press release.

The show pairs five established women artists with five female "rising talent." Each team created an original artwork for the show. Established artists are Mia Leonin, Carol Prusa, Michelle Weinberg, Sara Stites and Francie Bishop Good. Rising talents are Elizabeth Cerejido, Julie Davidow, Felice Grodin, Vickie Pierre and Samantha Salzinger.

Organizers of the exhibition include art critics Adriana Herrera, Elisa Turner and Margery Gordon. Gordon is the sister of Hamptons-based artist Andrea Cote.

On Dec 2 and 9 at noon, a Breakfast & Artist Studios Open House will be held. On Dec 13, an exhibition tour will be led by Gordon. The tour takes place during the monthly ArtTable gathering. On Jan 20, 2012, a panel discussion featuring exhibiting artists will be moderated by Turner. See www.bacfl.org for details.


Felice Grodin and Michelle Weinberg. Mock up / Gallery Study for Collaborative Installation Walk Through. Courtesy Bakehouse Art Complex.


BASIC FACTS: The Miami art fairs are held from Nov 30 to Dec 4. The centerpiece is Art Basel Miami Beach held from Dec 1 to 4. Art fairs include Art Miami, Pulse, Art Asia, Red Dot, NADA and SCOPE Miami and Aqua Art Fair. Also in town is Design Miami.

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